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Guestbook for Len Philpot
Enjoyed your Texas photography at Panoramio and here. It is always fun to find a person as passionate about the Texas mountains as I. Next time you are out here I suggest you visit the Davis Mountains Nature Conservancy. It is much more than Davis Mountains State Park (that I call Davis Mountains Foothills State Park). Their open days coming up are October 20th and December 1st and 8th. We cannot wait until the gods bring us a Davis Mountains National Park (or Monument) where Mount Livermore and Sawtooth and all the beauty between will not only be preserved but shared to those that love it.
Charles Jones (El Segundo)(non-registered)
Noticed your avatar "Saved by Grace" when reading your post on Bike Forums and clicked on your album. Nice photography work.
Janet from Dundas(non-registered)
I enjoyed looking at your website. Images loading very quickly too!
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