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Abandoned by his mother following Hurricane Gustav in September 2008, little Albert was rescued by a local resident, along with four other littermates. We took only Albert, but he has endeared himself to us through his sweet personality and character.

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The Gentle GhostTiny Little ManYeah - Right there's the place...Ooh! You saw me!Man! It's LOOONG way down there!OK - Here I go....Albert, meet Wobble. Wobble, meet Albert.Nothing like an afternoon snoozle on mama...Can't a fella get any sleep around here??Snooozzzpuurrrrsnnooorrzzzpurrr...May I help you?See? I told you I'm a cutie!Hmm... let's see if I can get something started with Charmin...Who needs some fancy-schmancy toy?A paper envelope is a great toy!...makes a pretty good pillow, too!Hi there.I think it moved!!Albert!!! Don't climb on the fireplace screen!!!What!?! Me?? Would I climb??

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Wow, a whole gallery for Prince Albert himself, lucky cat!! :)
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